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Leather Star Shape Greyhound, whippet, Dog Collar White With Red Star 3 Sizes

Brand: 4doggies
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£19.95 £35.00
  • Quality Real Leather Star Shape Collar
    White With Red Star Shape

    Treat your dog to one of our NEW DESIGN collars
    All our collars are made to a very high spec.
    RRP £35

    Quality thick Leather
    Suede Padded Backing
    5 Hole for Adjustment

    Comes in 3 Sizes

    Please note All collars are
    measured from Buckle to FIRST and LAST hole

    10"-12" Puppy
    12"-14" Whippet
    14"-17" Greyhound

    A guide to the collar sizes

    Size 10"-12" - This collar is 4 CM Wide and Great for Italian Greyhound, Puppy, Small Whippet

    Size 12"-14" - This collar is 5 CM Wide and Great for Whippet, Basenji, Bigger Puppies

    Size 14"-17" - This collar is 6 CM Wide and Great for Afghan Hound, Saluki, Greyhound, Borzoi, Deerhound

    Keep in mind that our measurements are from buckle to FIRST and LAST hole.
    When you measure your dog please make sure you add an inch for comfort, so if your dog measures 12” + 1” for comfort you would need a collar that will fit 12”-14” size.

    Please take into consideration that each collar will have SOME adjustability.
    If you are satisfied with the fit of your dog’s current collar, measure that collar from the buckle to the FIRST and LAST hole. Our collars are sized according to this measurement, not to the over-all length of the collar which varies by manufacturer.

    Ideal for Puppy
    Italian Greyhound
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